This picture was taken in the summer of 2016, just a few miles outside of Assiniboia, SK.  I got it with my cellphone (no zoom, just cropped it closer) so it goes to show just how close it was to the road… and I got to watch her for a good 5 minutes!  That year we put in for pronghorn antelope because they finally opened up the draw to this species after years of not being able to hunt them.  At the time this species was the only big game animal in Saskatchewan that I haven’t been able to hunt yet and I was getting really excited.  Well, we didn’t end up getting drawn that year but…….

We got drawn this year (2017)!!  My son and I just got back last weekend with a really nice buck and I can’t wait to write all about it.  No time right now though – I guess that means this is just a ‘lil teaser for my pronghorn hunt.  Shoot, well, at the very least for now I can leave you with a fun fact that I learned about pronghorn this year: all pronghorn antelope, male and female, have horns.

It’s true.  Females (does) have shorter horns that usually get to about the same height as their ears (and in actuality are pretty hard to see), while male pronghorns (bucks) have larger horns that can range from about 5 to 17 inches long!  When I took the picture shown above I just assumed it was a young buck, but now I know that it was a doe.  Interesting, right?  I bet female deer, elk, and moose are feeling a little gypped…

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