Which Way Is North? (lyrics)


Have you ever been lost
And you couldn’t find your way?
Well that’s how we’re feeling
On this cloudy day
Our directions are skewed
And wouldn’t you know it?
The weather’s turning ugly
While the wind is a blowin’

Which way is north?
Which way is south?
We’re lost in the bush
We can’t find our way out
Conditions are bad
And we might be done for
If we don’t quickly figure out
Which way is north

Been hunting these same hills
For 30 odd years
Never been lost before
And always found lots of deers
But now here we are
In the middle of the day
Visibility is zero
And everything’s gray

I ask the other two guys
We all hum and haw
And point three different ways
as our directions are flawed
Well never in my life
Have I felt so ill
For sure we’re gonna die
In these native sand hills