The One That Got Away (lyrics)


Well I remember mine, I won’t forget that time
It was a cool and cloudy day
He was whitetail buck, just a sitting duck
Before he got away
He was a decent size if I remember right
I’s thinking how much he must weigh
But as you might have guessed and as this song suggests
He’s my one that got away

The one that got away
Everyone’s got a story to tell
And the animal gets bigger every day
The one that got away

Yeah he was pretty big, in fact I think
He’s the biggest we’d seen all day
Not quite a Hansen Buck but I was still awe-struck
By the rack that he displayed
He was four-by-four, or was it five, or more?
It doesn’t matter anyway
Cause as big as he was I’m choking up because
Now he’s someone else’s prey

Well there ain’t no glory to this part of the story
It’s kinda hard for me to say
He’s over by that tree, just as calm as could be
About fifty yards away
Well I pulled the trigger but on account of buck fever
My bullet went astray!
I pulled the trigger again and again and again
But much to my dismay