I Lost My Deer (lyrics)


I lost my deer
He just disappeared
I could sense his fear
And now he’s in the clear
He was standing right there
Vanished in this air
Well I could see why he’s scared
Cause he woulda died there!

And now I’m singing this sad old song
Cause the only deer I’ve seen is gone
Was loading up my gun now it’s too late
If only I didn’t hesitate
Took my eye off the prize just for a minute
Don’tcha know you gotta shoot it before ya skin it
Ain’t no one else to blame out here but me
My deer is lost, he’s been set free (but not in a good way)

His pointy ears
And his big white rear
Were really quite near
I hope he’ll reappear
It don’t seem fair
He just gave me a stare
No he’s out there somewhere
And I don’t know where!

Well I shoulda pulled the trigger!
They don’t get much bigger!
I’m not sure what I was thinking!
He must a ran away while I was blinking!
If I don’t shed a tear
I’d be insincere
I must persevere
But I’ve been waiting all year!