Got Me a Gun (lyrics)


Got me a gun gun, my very first real gun
Got me a gun, gonna take it on a deer hunt
Got me a gun gun, I can’t wait to shoot one
Got me a gun, gonna have some fun!

A package arrived just the other day
For four to six weeks, I could hardly wait
A big long box that was shaped just right
I tore into it like it was Christmas night!
I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to hold ‘er
Took ‘er out of the box, put ‘er up to my shoulder
And it felt just right, yeah, you know the feelin’
Couldn’t wait for November, I was almost squealin’!

I’m so sick and tired of using other people’s guns
And sightin ’em in, it just ain’t no fun
You aim high and left, it shoots low and to the right
Twenty clicks an inch, it just takes all night
But now with my own gun it’s gonna be so great
They won’t stand a chance, it’s gonna shoot so straight
Ya, no more missin’, gonna drop ’em on the spot
The deer’re gonna hate this here gun that I bought!

It’s a high-powered rifle, a two-seventy
A synthetic stock, but that’s okay with me
It’s a bolt-action gun that’s user friendly
With a detachable magazine!