Double Life (lyrics)


I wonder if they know at all
Just where I go every fall
Cuz here in the old workplace
You put on a happy face

But I’m living this double life
Under this suit and tie
There’s a bushman deep inside
No longer can I can hide

I think I’ll start dropping hints
Wear my pocket knife with a clip
And when the weather turns cold and brisk
I’ll wear my orange toque and blood stained mitts!

I’m breaking out, I’m breaking free of this
hum-drum office monotony
this cubicle space is gettin’ a face lift
gonna hang up some antlers and some hunting pics
no more monkey suits and casual Fridays
From now on it’s camouflage and orange blaze
I think my rifle’d look good next to my computer
I’m putting rum and coke in the water cooler!

No more livin’ this double life
I’m trading my suit and tie
For the bushman deep inside
No longer can I hide