“I’d Rather be Hunting” is the title track off my debut album. This song takes us through a Monday to Friday work week – a daily grind, because even those of us that love our jobs, we’re still working for the weekend. (That reminds me of a song I wrote..) Simply put – and I think most of you would agree – on any given work day of the week, I would rather be chasing deer out in the bush, fields, and hills than, well, going to work.

“I’d Rather be Hunting” was written smack in the middle of all of the rest. I actually remember quite clearly (which is odd for me), grabbing my guitar in a rushed frenzy to work out the chords because this was one of those songs that just spills itself out of you. It almost wrote itself. It’s funny, at the time I considered it to be just a fun sort of ‘filler’ song to compliment all the hunting stories of my other ones. It wasn’t until my producer (and good friend) Brian Warren suggested that we use it for the title, that I realized it more or less embodied the album as a whole. Thus, a Danny Joe anthem was born and I truly admit, in most circumstances (when I’m not with my family), I really would rather be hunting.

There it is, short and sweet. Keep shootin’ straight everyone!