Danny Joe’s hunting tunes are influenced by country, rock, and blues, which means his music appeals to fans of all genres.  As one reviewer puts it, his “rich woodsy tone gives a great laid back feel with raspy tongue and check lyrics and bright sounding instrumentals.”  Danny draws from his own personal experiences as well as those of his hunting mates for lyrical inspiration.  This leads to meaningful and engaging songs that every hunter can connect with and belt along to. Simply put – his music is made for hunters, by a hunter.

And it just sort of happened. Being a musician most of his life, Danny’s dream has always been to write and record his own album; the only thing is that he never would have guessed all his songs would be about hunting. As he describes is his blogpost Junk Food and Bad Jokes:

Years ago during one of those (deer-spotting) lulls, as I often do, I started singing some random hunting-related ideas while riding along in the back seat. That mid-day loopy feeling was setting in and the phrase “ain’t no deer out here” sort of stuck in my head. It stayed in my head until I got home from the trip, and about a week later I sat down and just started writing. Next thing I knew, I had a really long poem, or song, or something. All I knew was that it was really fun to get some hunting experiences out of my head and onto a page. And after writing “Ain’t No Deer Out Here,” I had another idea for a song and just went with it, too! Then another, and another, and, well, you get the picture. Before I knew it I had an album’s worth of songs and I’d be darned if I didn’t get them recorded.

Authenticity is key.  Danny manages to pull off cool and legit original hunting songs, without sounding cheesy or hokey.  Just real hunting experiences made into catchy tunes, perfect for your hunting truck or simply an evening sitting over your favorite bottle of bourbon.