I’m not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I’m from the place that has the best hunting in the world. Admittedly I’m probably biased, but then again, world-famous UFC fighter, WWE wrestler, and avid hunter – Brock Lesnar – did move here a few years ago stating, “I like to hunt in Saskatchewan.”

True story, by the way. (You can google it later if you like!) But the fact is, Saskatchewan is home to some of the best hunting in the entire world and I feel lucky to live here. We have all five big game animals right here in abundance, and so much land with so few people… it really is a hunter’s paradise. And don’t be fooled by all the ‘drive right through’ jokes about Saskatchewan – a short jaunt off the beaten trails and you end up in some of the most picturesque prairie landscapes you’ve ever seen.

Okay, if you’re still scratching your head thinking, “Sask-atch-a-what?!” don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’re an often forgotten province smack in the middle of the Canadian prairies, and we’re used to people not being able to pronounce our name. But that’s cool, it kinda adds to our allure.

And there’s no question it’s a fun place to say. So fun that Hollywood often uses it in television shows or even movies, I think purely because it’s so fun to say. If you’ve seen Deadpool, you’ll remember that the main character (played by Ryan Reynolds) is from Saskatchewan. Also, if you’ve seen The Ranch on Netflix, you might remember that the main character (played by Ashton Kutcher) used to play football in Saskatchewan…

So there you have it. My home province is not only famous for hunting, but is generally… well… famous! And I get to live here. Pretty sweet.

And doing what I do (writing and recording good ‘ol honest hunting songs), I get asked to perform for a number of hunting-related organizations here in the ‘Skatch. For instance, the Regina Outdoor Sports Show, the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, and the Saskatchewan Trappers Association to name a few. One of my most memorable performances was playing for the Boxing Day lineup of people at our local Cabela’s (it was way too early in the morning and waaay too cold outside).

But perhaps my favorite performance so far was at a nearby 4-H fundraiser. This particular 4-H was/is largely rural and as such, is made up of predominantly farmers’ and ranchers’ kids, and the organizer whimsically asked if I could write a song to suit the occasion. So I did! I went over to the family farm for inspiration and the lyrics just came naturally, almost instantly. A lot of truth spilled out onto the page that day. It’s not entirely a hunting song, but it’s a not-so-distant cousin…

The tune’s called “On the Farm,” and it’s not currently available for sale but as a thank you for being one of my subscribers I want to give it to you for free – no strings attached. Have a listen and be sure to also play it for any kids you may have in your life.

Download my all-ages tune “On the Farm” here.

And if you like the track then you should also check out “I’d Rather Be Hunting.” It’s my debut album and it’s full of catchy and original tunes all about… you guessed it… hunting!


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