Pronghorn Antelope

This picture was taken in the summer of 2016, just a few miles outside of Assiniboia, SK.  I got it with my cellphone (no zoom, just cropped it closer) so it goes to show just how close it was to the road… and I got to watch her for a good 5 minutes!  That year we put in for pronghorn antelope because they finally opened up the draw to this species after years of not being able to hunt them.  At the time this species was the only big game animal in Saskatchewan that I haven’t been able to hunt yet and I was getting really excited.  Well, we didn’t end up getting drawn that year but…….

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This year’s show was tons of fun!  I was super impressed with everything – the friendliness and helpfulness of the organizers (Regina Fish & Game League), the great lineup of speakers, as well as the comradery of the exhibitors. I not only got to talk about hunting all weekend, but I also made some really great connections that could lead to exciting things to happen in the future. And get this, I even sold a CD to a fellow who was wearing a hat that said “I’d rather be hunting!” Coincidence? I think not!

And yes, that beautiful lady by my side in the picture is my super supportive wife, Azelia.

“I’D RATHER BE HUNTING” – the story behind the song

“I’d Rather be Hunting” is the title track off my debut album. This song takes us through a Monday to Friday work week – a daily grind, because even those of us that love our jobs, we’re still working for the weekend. (That reminds me of a song I wrote..) Simply put – and I think most of you would agree – on any given work day of the week, I would rather be chasing deer out in the bush, fields, and hills than, well, going to work.

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